An interactive road safety learning experience and education tool designed to help young people become better road users – and make Australian roads safer for everyone.
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What to Expect

A new way to engage & equip students with road safety skills

RoadSet combines original animation with gamified learning interactions to deliver immersive, engaging content across ten easy-to-digest modules.
Key Benefits

Delivering engaging road safety content

We’re transforming the way road safety education is delivered.

RoadSet takes students on a self-guided learning journey, helping them develop their road safety awareness skills across a range of road conditions, environments and scenarios.
  • Lifesaving learnings

    Road trauma is the biggest killer of Australian kids aged between 1 and 14. To change these tragic statistics, we need to address road safety in a new way.

    Our innovative approach is designed to increase road safety awareness skills in young Australians and highlight strategies to help prevent crashes and reduce road trauma. In this way, we can promote a cultural change that will save lives.

  • Community involvement

    Reducing road trauma is ultimately a community issue. That’s why, in addition to schools, we’ve made RoadSet available to the wider community.

    Youth-based groups and other organisations can access the RoadSet program, along with all accompanying teaching and learning resources. RoadSet is available to all users free of charge.

  • Curriculum alignment

    RoadSet can be easily integrated into the Australian Curriculum Health and Physical Education learning area or run as a separate wellbeing or road safety education program.

    Aimed at Year 9 students, the program has ten interactive learning modules. Each module is supported by additional curriculum-aligned teaching and learning resources for extending programs.

  • Driven by ARSF

    RoadSet is an initiative of The Australian Road Safety Foundation (ARSF) - a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to reducing road trauma, improving road safety outcomes and making a difference.

    We achieve this through innovative road safety awareness programs, of which RoadSet is just one.

The application

Empower students through self-guided learning

RoadSet’s intuitive, user-friendly design and non-traditional approach enables students to learn at their own pace and track their progress easily.

Find out what people are saying about RoadSet

Angela White

Getting teenagers to pay attention to road safety messages can be a challenge. RoadSet’s approach is refreshingly different and talks to students on their level.

Melissa McGuinness

RoadSet empowers teens to take ownership of their own behaviour as road users and reinforces that road safety isn’t about luck, it’s about the choices we make as individuals.

Josh Nielson

We need programs like RoadSet to encourage young people to take greater care on the road - had it been available to me during my school years, I might have made very different choices.

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